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An introduction

Where I finally decided to blog

December 29, 2019
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Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

Hi, I'm Don Lalicon, a web developer currently working in Singapore. I've worked with various languages and frameworks; Worked on both sides of the spectrum and everything in between. Recently, I've been working a lot with Drupal, PHP, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js.

I've always liked the idea of having a blog where I can share my thoughts, stories, and ideas. A way to share and flex my expertise and, at the same time, learn and improve my shortcomings.

For a start, I'll be sharing my experiences in developing this website and Lakbay.in, an itinerary sharing website. I developed both websites using Nuxt, Firebase, and other popular open-source libraries.

I'll also be sharing my experiences on other topics such as Drupal and PHP or anything I get to work on that I think people might find interesting in the realm of web development.

And if you're interested in the source code of this website or just want to take a peek under the hood, it's completely open-source!

Stay tuned!