YourBars - A Goal Tracking App

YourBars - A Goal Tracking App cover image

My new app is up!

Towards the end of last year, I had the idea of creating a new app that can help me track my goals easier for the coming new year. A lot of things has happened in 2020 that slowed down or hindered some of our plans and goals. This time, I plan to take it all back and more by starting this year on the right foot.

Let me introduce YourBars! The app lets you set 4 types of goals, which I, as a self-proclaimed master procrastinator, have identified:

  1. Date goals
  2. Counter goals
  3. Number goals
  4. Checklist goals

If you like setting goals and seeing progress bars claw its way to the end, then you might like this app.

You're probably thinking that this is just another todo app. Well, you might be right, it probably is just another todo app, but to me it also symbolizes how I want to tackle this new year - with goals in sight and bars raised high.