Monster Hunter Rise Set Builder with Nuxt

Monster Hunter Rise Set Builder with Nuxt cover image

Other than programming, my other passion is gaming. I love games that are especially technical; Games that can offer a wide range of control, flexibility, and various play style; Games that hook you on hours end just to find the perfect items, skills, builds for your character; Games that would test both my patience and how far my obsessiveness would drive me. It was no wonder why I fell in love with Monster Hunter Rise just as much, if not more, than its predecessors. It wouldn't take long for me to want to merge both passion and build something out of it.

So I did. All I needed was Nuxt, my Switch, and a relaxing weekend to build this small but helpful tool for other hunters out there. Check it out!

Monster hunter armor builder screenshot

The tool lets you build and compare sets in a Trello-like UI. What I loved most about this tool is that it can generate sets for you base on the skills that you provide. It also takes into consideration the armor's defense and slots when ranking the generated builds.

If you're interested in taking a peek at the code, check it out from the repo.