Dear You: My Very First Mobile App Written in Flutter

Dear You: My Very First Mobile App Written in Flutter cover image

So this year's been pretty interesting so far. For some, it's been a very tough one. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to use some of my time of being alone and working from home to learn and experience something new.

For the past few weeks, I've been spending my free time learning Flutter and developing my very first app with it. Coming from someone who's worked almost entirely on both ends of the web development industry, I can't deny that learning Flutter was a smooth, eye-opening, and overall enjoyable experience. While the app isn't that complicated, I feel that it touches on every foundation that a Flutter developer must, at some point, wrestle with, so I'm very keen on writing about some of that in the future.

Anyway, back to the app, if you ever feel like screaming into the void about the state you are in or just feel like sharing some positivity to some random person, I made a simple app just for that.

Check it out, leave some message (if you want), or just browse through other messages written by other people. Maybe you'll like it.