Amazing Modules to Try in Drupal 10

Whether you're a seasoned Drupal developer or a curious newbie, there's always something fresh and exciting to discover, especially whenever there's a new release of Drupal. Here are some new and impressive modules that you should check out for your next Drupal 10 project.

Same-page Preview

Same-Page Preview module

Get immediate feedback on how your content looks like!

Ever wished you could get a sneak peek of your edits without toggling between pages? Well, Same Page Preview is here to grant that wish! This relatively fresh module answers the call for an on-page preview, taking "what you see is what you get" to the next level. So, now you can see how your edits look in real-time, right on the page you're working on. Super handy, right?


OpenAI CKEditor integration

The openai_ckeditor submodule adds a list of actions in CKEditor 5 to run many OpenAI / ChatGPT commands

If you're keeping tabs on AI developments, you've probably heard about OpenAI and ChatGPT. And guess what? The Drupal community is catching up! The OpenAI module brings a collection of tools to the table, helping users with tasks ranging from content generation to personalization and recommendations. So yeah, the future of AI in Drupal looks promising!


Next.js for Drupal

Drupal backend and Next.js running side-by-side.

Next.js has been making waves as a go-to framework for building websites, and Drupal is riding that wave too. Next.js for Drupal is leading the charge, offering a range of tools and features that make integration a breeze. Plus, Drupal hosting giants like Acquia and Pantheon have stepped up, offering frontend hosting solutions to make deploying and hosting Next.js applications a piece of cake.


Component module configuration

The Component module makes it easy to expose JS components as blocks to your Drupal site.

Decoupled Drupal may have been a hot topic lately, but let's be honest, it's not always a walk in the park. That's where progressively decoupled Drupal comes in - it's the perfect balance between a fully decoupled and a traditional Drupal site.

Modules like Component let you add JS components, built using your favorite framework such as React or Vue, to your Drupal site with ease. Just define your component's YML file, specify the name, description, and frontend files for rendering, and voila! You can even set up form fields to store variables for the component.


SDC is here to make the lives of frontend developers easier. It's like a welcome wagon into the Drupal world, lowering barriers and opening doors

CL Generator

The CL Generator module makes it easy to generate new components.

SDC comes with neat tools like the CL generator and CL server, which allow frontend development to march to the beat of its own drum, separate from the backend. In other words, frontend developers, rejoice!

CL Server

The CL Server module let's you integrate with Storybook.

What's more? This module has hit its stride and gained such popularity that it's now a part of the Drupal core!

ECA: Event - Condition - Action

ECA (Event - Condition - Action) is the no-code solution that empowers you to automate your Drupal site.

ECA module

The ECA module provides an intuitive UI for creating and managing rules.

This handy module that lets you automate actions based on specific triggers or "events". When these events occur, ECA checks certain "conditions" and performs an "action" if those conditions are met. Designed to be user-friendly, it works with various interfaces, like BPMN.iO, to help manage and build rules easier.

If you ever had a need to port an old Drupal module, give ECA a go and maybe you can recreate the logic without writing a single line of code!

Project Browser

Finding and installing modules can sometimes feel like a scavenger hunt, right? Enter Project Browser!

Project Browser module

The Project Browser module sure puts you into the mood for some module hunting!

Think of this module as a friendly search engine living right inside your Drupal site, helping you find modules without leaving your site. And once you've found a module you fancy, it'll guide you through the installation process. Fast, user-friendly, and equipped with advanced filtering capabilities, this tool makes adding new features to your site a breeze, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned site builder.

And there you have it! Go ahead, give these modules a spin and see how they can transform your Drupal experience. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite tool in this lineup. Here's to building better, smarter, and more engaging websites with Drupal!